Palix Technologies offers a range of development, consulting, and training services for your High Performance Computing (HPC) needs. Our experience includes system design and development for large parallel systems with 1,000s of processors down to high end workstations with multi-core CPUs and GPUs. The scope of our professional services can include assessment of project feasibility, ongoing consulting with your own technical staff, or even full development, documentation, and testing to commercial software standards.

We also offer on-site training which can be customized to include topic areas such as:

  • CPUs: memory systems, multi-core architecture, multi-socket NUMA systems, SSE, and OpenMP thread parallelism
  • GPUs: architecture overview, data parallel programming model, memory spaces, NVIDIA CUDA and OpenCL
  • Clusters: high performance networking, message passing parallelism using MPI
  • Storage: RAID and parallel / cluster file systems

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