ANDSolver updated with support for Windows
September 23, 2010

Today Palix Technologies updated their accelerated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) product called ANDSolver with initial support for the Microsoft Windows operating system, with continuing support for Linux and Mac OS X. Performance optimizations for the NVIDIA Fermi architecture have also been incorporated with performance improvements of almost 2x compared to previous generations of GPU hardware, and up to 18x speedup compared to a typical quad core CPU. This tremendous performance is unique in that it is achieved on unstructured meshes which have traditionally been considered more difficult to utilize on GPUs because of their memory access patterns. Innovative algorithms designed by Palix Technologies maximize the performance of the NVIDIA CUDA architecture, allowing the ease and flexibility of unstructured meshing to be used with high-performance, cost-effective GPUs. More information about ANDSolver can be found at including sign up for our current beta testing program.

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