Palix launches ANDSolver beta program
March 23, 2010

Palix Technologies has introduced a new Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) product called ANDSolver that has been designed from the ground up to use Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) for fast and efficient aerodynamic analysis. Although developing and running applications to use multiple CPUs is a well established practice for high performance science and engineering simulations, a newer trend towards using GPUs for computation promises faster results with lower hardware acquisition and operating costs.
ANDSolver delivers on that promise with up to a 10x speedup compared to a typical quad core CPU. This level of performance is unique in that it is achieved on unstructured meshes which have traditionally not been considered amenable to GPUs because of the memory access patterns. However, based on an innovative algorithm design to maximize the performance of the NVIDIA CUDA architecture, the ease and flexibility of unstructured meshing can now be used on high-performance, cost-effective GPUs.

A limited number of additional registrants will be accepted prior to our first production release in Q2 2010. More information can be found at for our current beta testing program.

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